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This September, our sixth annual Trail Run with Heart is returning to  Huntington Village, bordering Sabi Sand Nature Reserve and the Kruger National Park. Join us on the 23rd of September 2023 for the Trail Run with heart, fundraising for communities and conservation.

Should you not be able to join us at the event, feel free to enter the Virtual run. This means that you choose where you start, run and finish. You can choose to run in the vicinity of your home, at a local park, on a nearby trail or even on a treadmill. In 2023, The Extra Mile is partnering with Birdlife South Africa to amplify our Virtual Run. The Cape Parrot (Bird of the Year) is our brand ambassador for the 2023 The Extra Mile Virtual Run.

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The Extra Mile Trail Run

a More Community Foundation annual fundraising initiative.

A Trail Run with Heart, is a More Community Foundation annual fundraising and community development initiative. It launched in 2018 with the dual purpose of providing sustainable support to the people of local rural communities, coupled with the conservation of endangered species.

The sixth annual Trail Run with Heart is returning to support previously disadvantaged communities where basic human needs are not adequately met, and where high rates of youth unemployment and poverty are prevalent.

The 2023 Extra Mile Trail Run will take place in Huntington village – located on the border of the Sabi Sand Nature Reserve – on  Saturday 23rd September 2023.

The beneficiaries of this year’s Extra Mile event are More Community Foundation‘s Projects in the Huntington Community, along with the Endangered Wildlife Trust’s Wild Dog Project.

The Beneficiaries

More Community Foundation

65% Beneficiary

The More Community Foundation (MCF) is a non-profit organization and the Foundation for the MORE Family Collection group. Its primary focus is to support social development and environmental conservation in Southern Africa. MCF is committed to fostering sustainable community projects that empower individuals and encourage their active participation for long-term impact.

MCF firmly believes in the power of community involvement to sustain projects into the future. By supporting communities in contributing their efforts and skills, the longevity and effectiveness of social development initiatives are ensuredMCF recognises the critical relationship between social inclusivity and biodiversity conservation, striving to promote community collaboration and custodianship in all conservation projects.

MCF’s Board of Trustees comprises individuals from diverse backgrounds, including a representative from the MORE Family Collection, an expert in environmental education and community engagement, a non-profit and community development advisor, and a legal and governance expert. This multidisciplinary team ensures effective governance and provides strategic direction for the Foundation’s endeavours.

MCF upholds transparent financial practices and responsible resource management. The majority of administrative costs are covered through fundraising events, ensuring that 92.5% of donor funds directly support approved beneficiary projects. As a registered Non-Profit Organization, MCF holds a B-BBEE Level 1 certification and is recognized as a Section 18A-approved Public Benefit Organization.

The Beneficiaries

Wild Dog Project, Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) –

35% Beneficiary

The African wild dog is one of Africa’s ‘Magnificent Seven’ species but also one of its most endangered. The largest population survives in southern Africa where it isn’t in fact very ‘large’ at all, with about 3 000 individuals under threat from habitat loss and human-wildlife conflict.

South Africa’s largest and most viable population of 250 dogs in 22 packs can be found in the Kruger National Park, where the Endangered Wildlife Trust has established its Wild Dog Project.

The project aims to increase the range, number and status of these animals by securing and expanding their habitats, finding solutions for co-existence with human communities, and supporting legislation to protect them. This takes extraordinary efforts and resources, and the EWT is in great need of help to help this incredibly vulnerable species.




The Extra Mile Trail Run 2023

Anyone – from professional runners to walking-for-fun families – is welcome to take part in The Extra Mile Trail Run. Choose between 5km, 10km and 21km run options. In 2023, we aim to sign up over 1200 runners, with 500 sponsored community runners.

  • 5km Trail Run

  • 10km Trail Run

  • 21km Trail Run

Community Runner Sponsorship

  • 5km Rhino, 10km Pangolin, 21km Wild dog run

Virtual Run

  • 5km/10km/21km
  • Virtual Run Entry Only

R375Early Parrot Sale
  • 5km/10km/21km
  • Virtual Run Entry + Race Pack
  • Normal Price – R400 per Race Pack


The Extra Mile Trail Run

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Sponsors & Partners

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Our Animals

The 5km Rhino ChallengeMore Community Foundation’s Victoria Falls Black Rhino Conservation Project aims to protect and preserve a black rhino population in their natural habitat within the greater Victoria Falls Conservation region.

The 10km Pangolin ChallengeThe Endangered Wildlife Trust’s Wildlife in Trade programme works to reduce trade related threats to species such as Pangolin by deploying certified wildlife detection dogs to locate illegal wildlife products in transit, thereby preventing wildlife criminals from benefiting from the illegal trade in wildlife products, and by increasing the knowledge and capacity of law enforcement officials so that they can perform their duties optimally.

The 21km Wild Dog Challenge – The Endangered Wildlife Trust’sWild Dog Range Expansion Project expands safe spaces for Wild Dogs and improves the genetic diversity of Wild Dog populations through the reintroduction and movement of wild dogs into participating reserves throughout southern Africa.